"Passion is now not in the U.K."

"Where is she, dear?"

"Darling, don't worry.She is fine. =) "

"So... where she actually is now?"


Oh, yeah.
My dear every darling in Taiwan, I am now in Switzerland.
Sorry for my blog is all in English,cuz I can't use the Manderin system here at all.
(Aw... what a shame...)

Well, I will be here for totally 2 weeks, and today is just the 3rd day.
Everything here is so far so sweet:
"surrounded by French, lovely kids and spectacular scenes;
people here are so amazing friendly;
life here is so Lohas."

Once I get back to the U.K., I would tell all you my darlings the stories in Manderin.
Let's wait and see.

Have a fantastic new year.

Kisses :)

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