"Passion's gone."


So hard to get through.
My laptop's broken.
I can't even turn it on.

What the fucking damed laptop!
It's new, but it's rubbish.

What's worse is that if I want to send it back to Taiwan to be fixed,
the delivery fee would be £150.
The price is also fucking carzy, isn't it?
If I send it back to Taiwan and then my parents send it back to me,
with the price I can buy a fucking new one.
Am I right?

I am now really pissed off with the stupid HP company.
What the fucking shit product and what the fucking useless global warranty you got!

Poor my dad's gonna send me a new one from Taiwan.
So sorry for you, dad...
You awful daughter really can't live without computers.

Aw, I got the most horrible day so far in England.


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